The new FORTE watch is designed in Dubai. Deeply inspired by the luxurious lifestyle and the the street view filled with gold, we decided to introduce our first gold colored watch! The FORTE is equipped with all the features KLEIN Watches is well known for. It has a beautiful open dial that shows of the automatic movement inside the watch. This time we wanted to change things up and design a versatile watch that suits every occasion. That is why the FORTE comes with an extra watch band made of silicon. Thanks to the included tool you can change the band whenever you want. Indulge yourself in luxury and get a piece of Dubai around your wrist. 


Bold Moves


The custom black skeleton designed dial on the FORTE hints back to the first watch ever created back in 1530 which belonged to Philipp Melanchthon. These early clock-watches were not worn to tell the time. They were made as jewelry and novelties for the nobility, valued for their fine ornamentation, unusual shape, or intriguing mechanism, and accurate timekeeping was of very minor importance.

Unlike the worlds first watch back in 1530 our FORTE is specifically designed and created for accurate timekeeping using our custom hand-built automatic movement.

We understand your time is getting more and more valuable every day so don’t miss a second of it and start living right now!